Best Loose Leaf Tea Accessories

Alex Nikitin

If you are just starting out brewing Loose Leaf Tea, there are a few accessories that make bring the Tea much easier. 

An Infuser, straining Tea can be a pain, I feel like it is just asking to spill Hot Tea all over, so I prefer to use an Infuser.  There are many choices and designs to consider.  I like tongs that can also function as a measuring scoop.  It is so easy.   Just be careful that you do not pack too much Tea into them.  If the tea is too tightly packed the water cannot flow and release the flavor of the tea.   I like tongs because they keep the tea in them, and there is little chance of accidentally spilling the tea leaves all over. 

Another form of Tea Infuser I like is the Tea Ball. Most of them have lids that screw on limiting the likelihood of spilling tea leaves.  Tea balls come in many sizes some are suited for making large pots and others for single servings.  Again make sure that you do not put too much tea in the Infuser.  If the tea ball is over loaded it will not fully release the flavor or aroma into the tea. 

For a Tea drinker who wants to try Loose Leaf Tea but is not keen on sacrificing the convenience of the Tea Bag there are unfilled tea bags that can be purchased and used.  This allows a similar level of convenience to a tea bag without sacrificing the quality of tea used. 

Another tea accessory that is necessary is a storage container.  Proper Tea Storage is important to its freshness and thus its flavor.  A good storage container for tea will be opaque and air tight.  Some are decorative and others plain.  It need not cost a fortune.

These are the Tea Accessories I find to be the most important when brewing Loose Leaf Tea, but every person has his or her own opinion.

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