Bunn Coffee Maker

Bunn Axiom Brewers

Jammie McClure
  • All the controls are on an LCD touch pad that is right on the front of the machine.
  • All Bunn Axiom brewers also have automatic warmer shut offs and large tanks so you can keep up with demand. Following are some of the more popular
  • Bunn Axiom brewers: Bunn AXIOM DV-3 Coffee Brewer Lower/2 Upper Warmers. This is a great coffee system for convenience stores, hotels and offices. The three warmers on these Bunn Axiom brewers allow you to cut the refill time in half and still have room for a pot of decaf. You don't even have to worry about bringing in an electrician to wire it in since it works on 120 and 240 volts.
  • Each pot holds 12 cups of coffee. When one is finished, put it on a warmer and add another pot. The 200 oz. tank of these Bunn Axiom brewers allows plenty of coffee to be brewed before refills. Bunn AXIOM 4/2 TWIN Coffee Brewer 4 Upper/2 Lower Warmers With its two brewing stations and six warmers, you can keep up with even the biggest demand for your coffee.
  • Brew two pots simultaneously (one caffeinated, one decaf) and move them to the warmers. Then set everything up again quickly and make more fresh, delicious coffee.
  • These Bunn Axiom brewers can make 15 gallons of coffee every hour. It's perfect for hotels where good coffee is in high demand. It features the same LCD command center on the front as other Bunn Axiom brewers. 

Every aspect of coffee brewing and warming is controlled from the easy to use LDC panel on the front of these Bunn Axiom brewers, including pot level, tank temperature and cold brew lockout. If you're looking for a top quality coffee maker that can keep up with demand, these Bunn Axiom brewers are the answer.

Bunn Axiom brewers offers businesses tremendous versatility, even where demand for fresh coffee is extremely high. Some models of Bunn Axiom brewers allow you to have up to eight pots of coffee at the ready at any one time.

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