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Alex Nikitin

Another similar variation on a liquid instant coffee, is the concentrated coffee that you get with a cold-brewing system like the Toddy. After letting coffee steep overnight without added heat, you get a rich concentrate that you can then use as your own liquid "instant" coffee that you add to hot water.But regardless of the specific format you use, you will have few choices available (except for the Toddy approach where you use any kind of coffee in the brewing). Most instant coffee only comes in one or two varieties, as well as a decaf option. If you are looking for a way to make fast coffee, but not necessarily interested in the limits of instant crystals, there are always the single-serve coffee makers. A coffee maker that uses pods, will brew one cup at a time and do so very quickly. Drip machines will take several minutes, even for just one cup of coffee. But a pod machine like the Keurig or Senseo will have your coffee ready in a matter of seconds. It's another way to get the speed of instant coffee, though you don't get the "machine-free" ease of it.

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