Cappuccino Recipes | Cappuccino | Recipes for Cappuccino

Cappuccino Recipes | Cappuccino | Recipes for Cappuccino

Alex Nikitin

In today' business, cappuccino pre-made mixes make for more time to enjoy cozy snow days with family or after-dinner treats with your companions.  Simply add hot water and drink to your heart' content. 

Whether you make your own or choose the pre-made versions, cappuccino doesn’t have to be "plain-Jane!"  Add some variety to your already prepared cappuccino with these great ideas:

It' all about the toppings.  For any variation, you can add whipped cream and colored sugar for a fun topping.  Or, try grated chocolate slivers for an elegant finishing touch. Serve with a chocolate or mocha flavored cookie sticks

Cappuccinos aren’t always for kids.  For some grown-up fun, add brandy or amaretto liquor. 

Pour your cooled cappuccino over crushed ice or blend the mixture together with ice to make a frozen treat. 

Add a hot chocolate mix to your cappuccino for a mocha-style treat.

For the ultimate treat, add instant coffee granules, ground cinnamon, and ground nutmeg.

Finally, the dish in which you serve your cappuccino says a lot about the kind of fun you intend to have. Our favorite venue is the clear glass coffee mug, because of its elegant way of showing off the frothy texture of this delicious beverage.  

Cappuccino Recipes

Cappuccino recipes are a fun way to liven a social event or a special dinner, and often the more you experiment with this delicious beverage the more you are going to want.  Ever since the world came to know this traditional Italian beverage, people all over the world have fallen in love with rich, creamy, frothy cappuccinos. 

Cappuccinos are traditionally made with special machines and finely ground coffee beans rapidly infused with hot water.  The espresso yielded from the process is then combined with equal parts of frothed milk. 

To make your own cappuccino mix from scratch, combine these ingredients together: 

3 teaspoons instant espresso coffee
2 cups boiling water

3 cups very hot milk
6 teaspoons granulated sugar

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