Chocolate Teas

Chocolate Teas

Alex Nikitin


Republic of Tea makes an absolutely divine Red Velvet Chocolate Tea.  This tea has a Roobios base and is inspired by red velvet cake.  It has chocolate and vanilla favors that blend together effortlessly to create a decadent dessert tea.  It is a great way to indulge chocolate cravings without the added fat and calories found in chocolate cake. Roobios while not tea in the purest sense of the word- it is a South African herb heaping with antioxidants. 

If you prefer real tea Stash Tea has a fantastic Oolong and Green Tea blend with Chocolate and Mint flavors.  It as peppermint and spearmint flavors to provide a refreshing twist on tea. 


One of the best chocolate teas available is made by Adagio teas, known for their gourmet tea blends. It is a blend of coco nibs and black tea that results in a smooth clean texture that is well balanced.  One of the best things about Adagio teas is that people can purchase a sample size of a particular flavor before committing to it and spending a somewhat significant amount of money.

A more common incarnation of Chocolate Tea is chocolate flavored Chai Tea.  Chai-masala to be specific as chai is a generic word for tea in several Asian languages. Chai Masala does not traditionally include chocolate flavor but chocolate flavor, especially a deep rich dark chocolate complements the warm spicy sweetness very well. 

I find Chocolate Tea taste better when served hot. Chai Tea being the exception; it tastes fantastic hot or cold.  If chai is served cold I do confess that I prefer it blended, the smooth texture is just preferable to me.  Mint Teas, especially spearmint teas, I find taste more refreshing when served iced.  The cool minty freshness otherwise competes and reduces the clean flavor.  Peppermint tea, is better served hot as its spiciness is more complemented by the warmth of the beverage.

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