Hotel Coffee Supplies - Coffee & Tea Services for Hotels

Hotel Coffee Supplies - Coffee & Tea Services for Hotels

Bill McClure

Coffee for hotel rooms is certainly on a par with home brewed coffee these days, both in terms of quality and consistency.When you finally venture out, you’ll find that there' coffee for hotel rooms in the lobby too. Usually there are a set of airpots, each containing a flavorful variety of caffeinated and decaffeinated coffee. Many hotels even offer flavored coffee for hotel rooms, including guest rooms and the lobby area.Coffee for hotel rooms is limited to four cups at a time. If you’re planning to drink a lot of coffee, be sure to ask your housekeeper for additional coffee packs or call down to the front desk. Coffee for hotel rooms is offered as a convenience, but they usually stock it for the casual coffee lover, not the person who really wants to get a real jolt out of their morning cup.One of the newest things you’ll find in coffee for hotel rooms is the new coffee makers that can make two individual cups of coffee at the same time. Gone is the carafe, which can get broken and even cause injuries if you step on the broken glass. The by-the-cup coffee makers are much safer, and you end up with two steaming, delicious cups of coffee ready to go.Making coffee for hotel rooms is really easy. Just drop the pre-measured filter containing the coffee into the basket, pour water into the tank and turn the machine on. Don’t forget to see if it' plugged in. Some hotels unplug them when not in use.

Tips for a better cup of in-room hotel coffee

• Rinse and run: Always rinse your coffee maker thoroughly and run it once without any coffee; that will clear out any residual coffee or other debris. (Readers have reported finding insects in their hotel coffee makers.)

• Consider bringing your own beans: You can overcome even a substandard coffee machine with terrific grounds. If you bring your own beans and grind them, you might get a survivable cup of brew. Maybe.

• Call room service: If you find a coffee maker that doesn't meet your standards, consider ordering coffee through room service or buying one in the lobby. Or try an app like Bean Hunter, which hosts an online community of coffee lovers, to find a place that serves a better cup of joe.

Coffee for hotel rooms used to be something of an afterthought for hotel operators. Now, coffee for hotel rooms can not only be found in lobbies and foyers but in guest rooms as well, offering round the clock convenience.

Coffee for hotel rooms used to be dreaded by guests. The coffee for hotel rooms wasn’t of very high quality and even if you went down to the lobby for a cup of coffee, it was often impossible to find. And if you did, it wasn’t very good either.My how times have changed when it comes to coffee for hotel rooms. Recognizing the importance of pleasing guests on all levels to get their repeat business, coffee for hotel rooms has undergone a renaissance of sorts as hotels large and small are adding some top quality coffee to public rooms and guest rooms.Leading this revolution are the smaller coffee makers that provide coffee for hotel rooms. As you get up in the morning, there' no need to put your clothes on and stumble out for some coffee. Management has already seen to it that there' coffee for your hotel rooms.Everything is pre-measured. The hotels have thought of everything when adding coffee for hotel rooms, including packs of fresh coffee, packets of creamers and sugar, stir sticks and coffee cups. And what coffee!

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