Coffee makers and the various types can be confusing. A little bit of research can clear up any confusion.

Alex Nikitin

Coffee pods are diskettes filled with coffee or other hot beverage that are used in a variety of single serve coffee makers. These diskettes are made from coffee filter material which can also be made from recycled materials. This makes the pods recyclable and the best choice for going green. Choosing pods and other products that meet the going green standards is important in keeping the Earth and its natural resources available for years to come. Future generations rely on today's generation to insure that they have natural resources needed to live. Coffee pods that are made from recycled material or are recyclable are ideal for people who make their own compost. The pods can literally be placed in the compost heap and allowed to disintegrate into the compost. This saves the landfills from being filled with even more debris that is going to occupy space for hundreds of years. Coffee pods are not created from plastics which also use up natural resources, simply another reason that coffee pods are the best route to go when trying to be conservative with the Earth's resources. Plastic cups like those used in other singe serve coffee brewers are not currently recyclable. This makes the plastic cups part of the trash that is overcrowding the Earth's usable land. While the coffee maker that uses these cups is an excellent coffee maker, the cups are detrimental to the natural resources of the planet.

It is highly probable that those cups will be made recyclable in the near future; until then the coffee pod machines are a better option for going green. In addition to using coffee pods for going green, individuals who have coffee pod machines can make their own diskettes and insure that they are green products by using recycled coffee filters to make them with. Coffee pod machines typically come with instructions on how to make coffee pod diskettes using ground coffee and coffee filters. This allows the individual user to make their own pods and insure that they are recyclable. Coffee pods are quite simply the best choice for people who are trying to go green and do their part in preserving the Earth's natural resources. When used in compost piles, these pods give back to the Earth and help keep the cycle of replenishing natural resources moving forward.

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