Coffee Making Accessories | Accesories for making coffee

Alex Nikitin

There are many different models with many different features. A well-equipped coffee kitchen should have a combination coffee maker and espresso machine. These machines allow for a larger variety of coffee drinks than a simple coffee maker alone. Next, a quality coffee grinder is a necessity. Any quality coffee kitchen is going to grind its own coffee beans and a sturdy grinder should be near the top of the list of required accessories. It is best to get a burr grinder so that there is no chance of the coffee beans being scorched and so that the coffee grinder lasts longer. There are quality burr grinders that are available for a hundred dollars or a slightly more. These grinders will insure that the ground coffee beans are the absolute best they can be. Along with a coffee grinder a vacuum storage container is necessary to keep the coffee beans fresh. Coffee beans lose their freshness quickly and should be kept in an airtight container. Additionally, coffee beans should only be purchased in small amounts to help insure that they are as flavorful as possible. Coffee mugs should be kept in various sizes and shapes.

These are necessary for serving different types of coffee drinks. Cappuccino mugs are larger than typical coffee cups with larger rims that resemble soup mugs while espresso cups or demitasse cups are small, dainty cups that hold only a shot of espresso. Footed coffee mugs make elegant serving cups for specialty coffee drinks and thermal coffee mugs are necessary for preparing coffee to take to the office. Frothing wands are necessary for creating the steamed, frothed milk necessary for making cappuccinos and lattes. These can be part of the espresso maker or can be purchased separately as frothing wands. These wands introduce steam into a canister of milk to warm it and create the froth. Dosers and tampers are necessary for using an espresso machine. The doser measures the coffee for use in the espresso while the tamper is used to press the coffee grounds into the espresso basket. These tools are important when making espresso and espresso based drinks. Carafes should also be part of a well-stocked coffee kitchen. These allow coffee to be made and served at the table or other dining area without having to constantly go back and forth to the kitchen. Carafes are typically thermal insulated and decorative or plain depending on personal choice. Long handled bar spoons are ideal for dipping foam from frothed milk and transferring to a cappuccino or latte. Several should be kept on hand for use during dinner parties.

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