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Alex Nikitin

The brew time doesn't change but the time it takes to put the coffee in the filter basket is reduced by as much as half and the coffee that is brewed is consistently the same because the amount of coffee grounds used to make the coffee is always the same. Coffee portion packs are premeasured packets of coffee. Sometimes they are referred to as pillows packs and are available from a wide variety of companies. Some of these are available in retail stores but for the most part they are purchased online from specialty coffee websites such as These coffee portion packs are popular among not only individuals for home use but also for businesses who offer coffee to their clients and prefer to have an easy method of brewing a consistently good pot of coffee. Coffee portion packs come in various sizes. There are full size portion packs that are made to brew a typical ten to twelve cup pot of coffee and there are mini portion packs that are used in hotels that offer in room coffee makers. These are usually two to four cup coffee makers with portion pack coffee to match the coffee maker size. Coffee packs are not limited to one coffee manufacturer. The popularity of these premeasured coffee packets has caused many of the major manufacturers to get in on the trend. Miss Ellie's, Folgers, Starbucks, Maxwell House, Seattle's Best and many other big name coffee makers provide portion packs through specialty websites. Coffee portion packs are designed for automatic drip coffee makers; they are not the specialized coffee units that are used in pod brewers or K-Cup brewers.

These coffee units are another type of product altogether. There is also a new player in the coffee portion pack game that doesn't require any type of coffee maker. These are individual coffee portions that require only hot water to make a cup of coffee. Big names like Starbucks are pushing these as alternatives to brewed coffee that might not be at its freshest. These coffee packets are similar to the drink mixes that people purchase and pour into their water bottles to make flavored drinks. These are new to the market and it remains to be seen as to whether or not they become popular. In the meantime, businesses and some homes will continue to rely on coffee portion packs to help them cut down on the time it takes to set up the coffee basket and to insure they make the same quality pot of coffee every time. While it may only save a few minutes of time, in today's world of hurry up and go those few minutes become vital to getting to the next task on the list.

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