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Alex Nikitin

1. Coffee People Donut Shop Coffee: Coffee People Brand coffees are available for use in the Keurig and other single-cup coffee brewers that use the K-Cup. One of their top selling coffees is the Donut Shop Coffee. This full-bodied coffee is reminiscent of the coffee served at local donut shops and is a top selling product.

2. Jet Fuel: Another K-Cup coffee product with a punch. This is an extra bold coffee blend for people who like their coffee dark and strong.

3. Black Tiger: This K-Cup coffee blend is a very dark roasted, full-bodied coffee that is Earthy and aromatic. People who like strong coffee like Black Tiger which makes it another top selling produce from Coffee People Brand coffee.

4. Kona Blend: The Kona Blend is a favorite coffee from the Islands; it has a nice clean finish, butter-like flavor and beautifully rich aroma. Like all Coffee People Brands it is available in K-Cups, bulk or beans.

5. Tree Hugger Fair Trade Organic: This coffee is for those who prefer a medium roasted coffee made without chemicals. It has a chocolate-like flavor due to the medium roast with a nice berry finish.

6. French Roast Bold: The Coffee People Brand of bold French roast is such a favorite that it can be hard to find in stock. When it is available customers tend to stock up in order to have it on hand at all times.

7. Coffee People Donut Shop Coffee Decaf: The decaffeinated version of their top selling Donut Shop coffee.

8. Costa Rica: The Costa Rica coffee from Coffee People brand coffee is for people who prefer a lighter roasted coffee. This coffee offers a citrus aroma with a nice crisp butterscotch finish. This is available in whole beans only.

9. K-Cup Organic: A 100% certified organic coffee that is deep, dark and intense with a smooth finish that is satisfying to the dark coffee lover.

10. K-Cup French Roast Decaf: The decaffeinated version of the Coffee People Brand French coffee. It is bold yet decaffeinated for those who can't have caffeine in their diet.

Coffee People brand coffee products are popular among coffee lovers and are available on top quality coffee websites such as All of their coffee products are excellent and it is hard to determine which one is the best simply because the best coffee is a matter of opinion. The bottom line is that no matter what type of coffee is preferred, Coffee People brand coffee is sure to have one to please.

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