Coffee Pods are Great Single Serve Coffees

Coffee Pods are Great Single Serve Coffees

Alex Nikitin

Welcome to the Exciting World of Coffee Pods!

Congratulations on your decision to enjoy pod-brewed coffee!  Perhaps you just bought a new machine or you’ve decided to expand your interests in some of the many coffee pod varieties.  Whether you prefer mild, medium, or bold coffee roasts the available brands will be sure to impress you.  Don’t forget that most brand include flavored and decaffeinated varieties as well.  Read on to discover our favorites from each brand:

Miss Ellie' Coffee Pods

Enjoy the exotic islands of the East Indies.  The smoky overtones of the French Roast are sure to please even picky palates.  

Java One

You can’t go wrong with Java One' Costa Rican coffee pods.  This medium roast is sure to be a crowd pleaser, because it isn’t too mild or too bold.

City Steam Coffee Pods

We love City Steam Coffee' Gingerbread Cinnamon pods!  One sip and you’ll be transported back to grandma' kitchen.  Also enjoy City Steam Coffee' Butter Toffee and Caramel Vanilla Cream.

White Bear Coffee Company

Do you like flavored coffee?  You’ll love White Bear' smooth, creamy vanilla flavor French Vanilla.

Kienna Coffee

Kienna Coffee now offers an old-fashioned Donut Shop coffee pod.  Also don’t miss the Backpackers Brew - a bold roast, and the many flavored coffee pods from Kienna.

Chef' Reserve

Try Wolfgang Puck Chef's Reserve Colombian Coffee Pods for another crowd pleasing, medium-roast wonder.

Community Coffee

Perhaps you require a sweet yet mellow coffee? Try the medium roasted Breakfast Blend!


Paris? Vienna? Sumatra? Senseo' many varieties will take you all over the world.  This brand boasts 250 years of premiere roasts and bean selections.  

As you can see, there is no shortage of great pods coffees from which to choose. All of our brands take pride in their quality and selection.  Don’t limit yourself to just one coffee roast or flavor, as there is a whole world of choices just waiting for you!

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