Coffee Portion Packs vs. Filter Packs

Jammie McClure

Filter packs are usually only available with supermarket coffee brands such as Folgers and Maxwell House. But today, you can get portion packs with coffee from Wolfgang Puck, Starbucks, Millstone, Miss Ellie and Seattle's Best (as well as Folgers and Maxwell House, of course). Both portion packs and filter packs are available in regular and decaf, and some different styles of roasts. The most selection is in the portion pack line, where you can also get flavored coffee and some regional blends too. Not usually used at home, they would simplify your coffee-making if you typically make a whole pot each time. You can buy them by the box or by the case, though you may need to find a wholesale or commercial coffee supplier to buy them. Not all supermarkets keep large quantities of portion packs or filter packs in stock. If you like the idea of a portion-controlled brewing option but don't really need to brew 12 cups of coffee at a time, you should look into the new pod system coffee brewers.

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