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Alex Nikitin

Offering a free coffee service is a great employee perk, one that will keep your employees on task, energized and allow them to go through the workday without leaving the office in search of a caffeine fix. If your office is small, a simple coffee maker will suffice. But if you have more than 10 people in the office, you may want to consider a as your coffee service who can provide you with commercial grade coffee service, including helping you select the the right coffee machines, supplies and options. When deciding on the perfect coffee, there are several factors to consider. First, what type of coffee service do you want? Do you want basic hot coffee, or do you want to jazz it up a bit and add in other types of hot beverages and yes, even espresso and lattes. Before you go too far in the decision making process, you may want to survey your employees to see what they would like to have. You'll also want to ask them about their beverage drinking habits, so you can gauge the type and size of the coffee service you'll need. You may also want to ask them what they are willing to pay per cup for expanded coffee service. This will also help you work with a local coffee service company, who will be your supplier.

They will want to know this kind of information so they can offer you the equipment, products and supplies that will meet your needs. They will also want to look at the area they will be adding coffee service to, so they can get a feel for the available space. After the initial review, your coffee service company will come back with options for you. They range from self-service to a full service strategy where you don't have to worry about coffee service ever again. This may include other options such as water coolers, snacks and soda machines as well. The baseline solution will include a coffee machine that can keep up with your employee's demands for fresh coffee service. The most basic offering will be a machine that can handle both caffeinated and decaffeinated coffee, but you may want to explore the other coffee service recommendations they make. They're experts in coffee service and can bring a lot of experience and expertise to the table. They can also help you decide which products to carry and propose coffee essentials such as cups, stirrers, sugar and cream and flavorings. Ultimately, you're the coffee service decision maker so you'll want to balance the options against your budget. If you're a coffee lover, it's easy to get carried away with all the features, options and capabilities of today's coffee service.

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