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Jammie McClure

The shade provided by the native rubber and banana trees along with the nutrients found in the soil is the birthplace for the Colombian Arabica bean. The Arabica bush takes up to five years to reach maturity and provide the high quality beans that make gourmet Colombian coffee. If harvested too early the coffee bean will not be flavorful. It requires time to form the essential oils necessary to make the most popular beverage in the world, piping hot coffee. Colombian coffee is a rich, perfectly-balanced full bodied coffee that is known around the world. The Arabica bean flourishes in Colombia because it prefers the high altitudes and dry climates that are found in the volcanic, mountainous regions. Colombian coffee is produced in two main areas of the country, these areas are well known by coffee connoisseurs, some of whom can taste the coffee and recognize its origin. The central region of Colombia grows what is known as MAM varietals which have a rich flavor with a heavy body with a well-balanced acidic level. The higher mountains of Bogota and nearby areas produce an even heavier bodied coffee that is richer and has even less acid than the MAM varietals. These are some of the most sought after Colombian coffees. Colombian coffees are some of the best coffees and are definitely some of the most purchased coffees of the world. The export of Colombian coffee beans is the country’s top export.

Coffee plantations are found throughout the country and even those that produce slightly inferior coffee beans export them for use in blended coffee. Many coffee producers use a portion of Arabica beans to blend with their Robusta beans in order to create a quality blended coffee. This process makes practically all Colombian coffee bean farmers successful in their ventures. The popularity of Colombian coffee can be contributed not only to the excellent coffee that is produced but also the top-notch marketing skills the country put into action in the late 1950’s. The National Federation of Colombian Coffee Growers created a character to help market their coffee beans to the world. Juan Valdez is a name easily recognized even today. This fictional character gave Colombian coffee name and face to associate with it. He was romantic and mysterious and helped make Colombian coffee a household name. Juan Valdez, though a fictitious character, the poncho clad, sombrero wearing Juan Valdez gave a face to the humble coffee picker and created a mystique and aura of romance that still survives today. Colombian coffee is one of the best coffees in the world. It can be found in various price ranges from the ultimate gourmet to the average coffee, each bearing the Colombian flavor that made it famous. Mother Nature may have originated coffee in Africa but she nurtured it to near perfection in Colombia

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