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Jammie McClure

Coffee vending machines have been around in hospital cafeterias and the cafeterias of industrial plants for employee use for decades. These have allowed people who are in the area to get a cup of hot coffee along with cream or sugar by simply inserting coins in the machine. However, the quality of the coffee is not always the best. It is usually simply instant coffee grounds that have hot water added to make a cup of coffee. Advances in technology have made it possible to have a coffee vending machine that produces high quality coffees, cappuccinos, lattes and espressos. These machines come in sizes available for every type of business, from tabletop models that work well in corporate canteens or office kitchens to full-size machines that are more suited to hospitals and airports. One of the advantages of technology and new coffee makers is the introduction of coffee pods. A coffee vending machine could easily use coffee pods to create a quality cup of coffee or cappuccino. Adding choices to the machine such as steamed milk, sweetener, non-fat choices, sugar free choices and flavorings takes the average coffee vending machine to a new level. These machines make it possible to get a gourmet cup of coffee from a vending machine. Starbucks, one of the largest names in gourmet coffee plans to introduce a coffee vending machine capable of serving the premium Starbucks coffee that people are accustomed to getting at their shops. Many businesses and offices are finding it to be more cost effective to have a coffee vending machine rather than offering free coffee that is wasted when the pot is not completely drank. The tabletop models are ideal for this use and there are many top brand names that offer coffee vending machines made just for this purpose. The important thing to keep in mind when searching for a coffee vending machine is maintenance.

The machine should have built-in cleaning to keep the machine in proper working order. It should have a maintenance plan that is easy to follow if it is a smaller machine. If it is a full size machine it should include a regular maintenance service company that will come out and service the machine. Finding repair parts and people who can fix it should be taken into consideration as well. A broken machine is a useless machine. Before purchasing the coffee vending machine check the warranty and make sure it covers all the parts of the machine. Read the fine detail of all paperwork to insure the machine is not a refurbished model, unless that is what is being ordered. The types of coffee and coffee supplies used in the machine are also important. If the machine uses a proprietary type of coffee it will be difficult to purchase them from anywhere other than the company that sells the machine. If possible purchase a coffee vending machine that can use a wide range of manufacturer’s products. Coffee vending machines allow people to enjoy their favorite hot beverage in a variety of places. Travelers can get hot coffee in the airport or train station, industry workers can get cappuccino while on break and offices can save money on coffee by using vending machines in their kitchen areas. Technology has created vending machines that offer quality coffee for practically spare change.

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