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Jammie McClure

Coffee syrups are a great way to have flavorings available for a variety of tastes without having the coffee in the pot flavored. This makes it possible to allow everyone to have their favorite flavor or simply natural coffee with no added flavor. If flavored coffee beans are used, the person who wants to have natural coffee with no added flavorings is left out. Coffee syrups are available in gourmet coffee shops and online coffee retailers. They are available in many different flavors; however, the most popular flavors are French vanilla, hazelnut, and caramel. These syrups will not make a bad pot of coffee taste better but they will add flavor enhancements that make good coffee even better. Flavored coffee syrups typically come in bottles that are similar to mixer bottles used in bars to make cocktails. This is fitting in that making a flavored coffee is an art much like mixing a drink. The right amount of flavoring is important in making a good cup of flavored coffee. Too much flavoring and the coffee will taste too sweet and syrupy while not enough will leave the coffee drinker wondering why there are no flavor tastes. Coffee syrups are a great option for offices and homes to have when guests want a flavor enhancement for their coffee. There are coffee creamers that come in flavors; however, some coffee drinkers might want a flavored coffee without using creamer. This is why coffee syrups are a great option. They are also great for making special after dinner drinks using coffee that rival some of the best desserts. For example a creme brulee flavoring can be used to create a cup of coffee resembling the creme brulee dessert not only are these excellent tasting dessert replacements they are also virtually calorie free.

Coffee flavored syrups are used in coffee shops to make their specialty coffee drinks. Their availability for consumers helps save money on trips to the local coffee shop. That special caramel latte or French vanilla cappuccino can be made at home saving a large amount of money over time. The cost of a bottle of coffee syrup is recouped quickly with less or no trips to the local coffee shop and a bottle of coffee syrup will last a long time. There are many brands of coffee flavored syrups on the market with the most popular brands being DaVanci, Torani, Monin and Dolce. These are found in coffee shops and can also be ordered online at many coffee websites for use at home. There are sugar free versions as well as organic versions. Sugar free coffee syrup versions are great for people who can't have sugar, such as diabetics or people who are watching their weight. Coffee syrups for added flavor are an alternative to purchasing gourmet flavored coffee beans and alienating coffee drinkers in the house who don’t like flavored coffee. Coffee syrups are an ideal way to add a special touch to coffee and save money on coffee shop drinks. These can be found online, in coffee shops and in some supermarkets.

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