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Jammie McClure

It is important to keep the coffee area well stocked with coffee and coffee supplies in order to be able to offer this to clients; this is where a company that offers coffee service comes into play. The office manager is usually charged with finding a coffee service to supply the office with coffee on a regular basis. There are many factors that must be taken into consideration when searching for a coffee service and the Internet should not be overlooked when searching for a coffee service. There are coffee sites that can set up regular monthly deliveries with no hassle involved. The main factors to look for when searching for a coffee service include the following: • Cost: This will most likely be the ultimate factor, particularly for a business. The office manager should have a budget to work with and try to stay within that budget. It must also be kept in mind that the initial costs are higher than maintenance costs due to equipment and other items that don’t have to be replaced often. • Machines and Equipment: Most coffee services provide a commercial coffee maker as part of their coffee service and others do not. Some businesses prefer to purchase their own coffee maker and so this is not a problem, but it does have to be considered. • Delivery Schedule: This applies to both personal in-office service and online delivery. If it is an in-person coffee service do they require minimum purchases each month or bi-weekly? If it is an online delivery service can it be altered if necessary or is it set in stone. Can the delivery schedule be changed to accommodate emergency situations?

If the office runs out of coffee how quickly can it be delivered? • Variety: The coffee service should offer a wide variety of coffee to choose from including various brand names, filter packs and portion packs. Flavored coffees and hot teas should also be offered. Compare pricing between live delivery services and online services. Online services can often offer a larger variety at a less expensive price. • Supplies: In addition to coffee, tea and hot beverages, the coffee service must also be able to supply creamers, sweeteners, coffee filters and stirrers and possible other items like biscotti or cold beverages. Online coffee services offer these as do live coffee services that come to the office. • Reputation: Before signing up with any coffee company their customer service reputation should be checked to find out how they respond to problems and if they are consistent in their delivery schedules. Coffee service is an important part of any business and should be researched before making a final decision. The days of having to settle for the local delivery company are over and businesses and individuals alike can choose to use an Internet coffee service to send their coffee supplies on a regular basis and often for less money.

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