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Alex Nikitin

There are various ways of giving corporate coffee gifts. One way is to send a large coffee gift basket filled with various types of coffee. This would include flavored coffees as well as specialty roasts. Decaffeinated options and possibly hot teas should also be included for people who can’t have caffeine or don’t like coffee. Another factor to keep in mind is that most businesses do not have coffee grinders and so the coffee should be pre-ground. If possible, it is also important to know what type of coffee maker the business uses since many companies have moved away from traditional coffee makers and are using single cup brewers. A corporate coffee gift is still possible as long as it contains the type of coffee used by the machine. Other options for a corporate coffee gift include adding flavored creamers and individually wrapped Biscotti or Miss Ellie's famous coffee cake. Another type of coffee gift that is greatly appreciated by companies and that continues to give is a coffee club membership. This type of gift delivers coffee on a monthly basis. The number of deliveries is dependent on the gift giver and the subscription chosen. There are many options available on the Internet that allows flavored coffees to be delivered for as long as the gift lasts. There are also specialty gift subscriptions available for the specialty coffee makers that are being used. Corporate coffee gifts are typically sent with gift cards to announce the impending arrival and who sent the gift. After the initial announcement the gift subscriptions arrive on set dates each month until the subscription ends. Another form of corporate coffee gifts that is especially popular for smaller companies is to give each employee a gift of coffee.

This could be a special roast or blend purchased specifically for the company and possibly even branded with the givers logo and name. We can put your company’s name in front of the recipient for more than just one day. Every time the coffee is made the company’s name is visible. Corporate gifts are both signs of appreciation for the prior year and marketing tools used to remind the recipient of the company’s generosity so they will think of them in the future when work is available or contacts are needed for jobs. Christmas and corporate anniversaries are the two main times when corporate gifts are given. Companies usually start early in the year planning their corporate gifts and coffee companies do well to advertise the availability of corporate gifts early in the year to insure they are visible and available to the corporations looking for gifts to send. Give us a call and we will help you find the perfect corporate gift. 1-800-344-2739

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