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Alex Nikitin

Cuisinart coffee makers made their debut in 1995 at the Gourmet Products Show. One of the revolutionary innovations Cuisinart coffee makers offered consumers was reduced acidity, made possible by their unique design features. Not only were the Cuisinart coffee makers a wonder on the inside, but also their Euro-styling and colors set the market ablaze. Whether it's toasters, mixers, food processors or Cuisinart coffee makers, the company's line of products has always been known for its top quality construction and often top-tier pricing. Cuisinart coffee makers aren't cheap, but they are well worth the price in terms of value, consistency and longevity. Part of the reason for this reputation is the company's origins as a maker of commercial food preparation machines for restaurants. Cuisinart coffee makers can really take a beating and still deliver a great cup of coffee day in and day out. Innovation is definitely a hallmark of all the company's products. For example, the Grind & Brew Cuisinart coffee makers have a built-in grinder that will grind the beans just before they are dropped into the basket, creating some of the freshest cups of coffee available today. All you have to do is drop the beans into the grinder, add water to the tank, set the timer and enjoy the aroma of fresh ground coffee as your daily wake up call. For those who lead an active life, you can get one of the Cup-O-Matic or Two-to-Go Cuisinart coffee makers.

These machines have their own go-cups that double as the carafe during brewing so you can just take your coffee with you as you head out the door. The Two-to-Go brand of Cuisinart coffee makers come with two 14-ounce travel mugs, the perfect pick me up. There's also the SS-700 Single Serve Brewing System, a Cuisinart coffee maker that can turn out single servings in 4, 6, 8 and 10 oz. sizes in minutes. This coffee maker uses the popular K-cups from Kreurig, so you can easily serve a different style or flavor of coffee to everyone in your home â€" there are more than 200 different coffees and teas to choose from that work in this Cuisinart coffee maker. After nearly 40 years in business, Cuisinart is still a name to be trusted, including their fabulous Cuisinart coffee makers.

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