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Alex Nikitin

The simplest of the Delonghi coffee makers, the DCF212T, has more features for its price than higher priced coffee makers from other manufactures. This 12-cup automatic drip coffee maker features a two-hour automatic cut off and programmable timer to have coffee ready at a preset time. These two features are typical of most all automatic drip coffee makers; what sets the Delonghi apart is the aroma button and coffee cup storage tray. The aroma button causes the coffee maker to cycle through several 30-second intervals of water bursts onto the coffee grounds. This time lapsed pre-soak of the coffee beans releases more of the flavor that is then passed into the coffee during the brewing stage. The coffee cup storage compartment on the top of the DCF212T keeps coffee mugs warm and ready for fresh hot coffee. No other automatic drip coffee maker in this price range offers these features. As consumers move up the ladder in price and features of the Delonghi models they are treated to features that include permanent gold tone filters that never need replaced; water filtration systems, pause and brew for instant coffee service and combination machines that make both coffee and espresso drinks from one machine. These machines start at prices under one hundred dollars and run well into the thousands depending on size and added features. On the top end of the spectrum is the newest addition to the Delonghi family, the Gran Dama 6700. This espresso maker is worthy of life in a coffee shop but is equally at home in the kitchen. It is a fully automatic espresso machine with settings from language choices to brew strength and water hardness.

The 6700 features a built-in grinder to deliver the freshest coffee possible and a long pull operational button for making a cup of fresh hot coffee instead of espresso. This feature cycles twice to insure a full cup of piping hot Joe and is a remarkable new feature on the machine. The 6700 has an incorporated milk cup with a steam tube attached to deliver freshly steamed and frothed milk straight to the waiting cup. The milk container can be removed and stored in the refrigerator until the next use. The built-in grinder has seven settings to allow the user to customize their coffee grind. The 6700 has incorporated self cleaning into its list of features and even sterilizes its milk tubes with the push of a button. The Delonghi 6700 shows why the name has been around for decades and will be around for many more decades.

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