Different Types of Tea | Tea Types

Alex Nikitin

Steeping Time

Steep times generally range from one to five minutes.  Allow oolong and black teas three to five minutes and yellow and green teas one to three minutes.  A very delicate white tea may only require one minute.  Want stronger tea?  Add another bag or more loose leaves instead of increasing the steep time.

Serving Temperature

Allow the tea to cool just a bit so that the flavors aren’t blocked by water that is too hot.  You should be able to comfortably touch the cup.

Serving Cup

It goes without saying that the cup or mug should be able to accommodate warm temperatures.  Don’t drink hot tea from your normal coffee mug, as you don’t want the flavors to be confused.  You don’t have to invest a lot of money into a proper porcelain or glass tea cup set, and the finishing touches of delicate tea cup will complete your tea drinking experience.

Milk, Sugar, and Lemon

There' no right or wrong amount of milk, sugar, and lemon to put hot tea.  It' all a matter of personal preference.  Generally white and green teas are served plain however. 

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