Flavored K-Cups | K Cups flavored

Jammie McClure

You just pop in a K-cup and brew a cup as you want it, rather than a whole pot that sits on a warming plate. You do have to stick specifically with K-cups though, you can't use pods from any other line of machine. But that shouldn't put too many restrictions on what kind of coffee you drink because there are plenty of K-cups to choose from. The best flavored K-cups come from Timothy's coffee, and they have several unique choices: Timothy's Coffee, Sugar maple, Hazelnut, French vanilla, Caramel vanilla, German chocolate, Cinnamon pastry, Kahlua, Summer raspberry But several other coffee suppliers who are involved in K-cups also have great selections of flavors. Gloria Jeans, Mudslide chocolate, Swiss chocolate almond, French vanilla, Butter toffee, Hazelnut Wolfgang Puck, Creme caramel, Vanilla Francaise, Hawaiian hazelnut, Jamaica me crazy (blend of nuts, caramel, vanilla) Green Mountain, Mocha nut fudge, Southern pecan, Caramel vanilla cream, French vanilla, Hazelnut, Rainforest nut, Wild mountain blueberry Coffee K-cups are only half the story. You can also get many flavored K-cups for tea as well. With Bigelow, you can get French vanilla black tea and pomegranate green tea, and Twinings offers Rooibos red tea, chamomile and peppermint herbal teas. Celestial Seasonings also do tea K-cups, with lemon zinger and Mandarin orange spice. You may notice that there are more options with flavored K-cups than there are with flavored pods, even though pods are more universally used. That is because a K-cup is a solid plastic cup, which is better suited at containing the flavorings and oils needed for really good flavored coffee.


Coffee pods are made with a gauze, and though they are packaged in foil envelopes, they just don't do the trick as well as a K-cup. If you are overwhelmed by your options, try a variety pack. Most of these coffee sellers package a mixture of flavors together so you can try a couple cups of each before deciding which ones you like best. While these products are what you would think of as traditionally "flavored" coffees and teas, you shouldn't overlook the more subtle flavors that you can get just by switching varietals. You can experiment with Nicaraguan, Columbian, Hawaiian Kona, African or Sumatran coffee and that's just with Timothy's. Add in the choices of light, medium or dark roasts and you will have an almost endless supply of choices. Don't underestimate the difference between one varietal and the next. The flavor changes can be quite dramatic. So you can see that being limited to only K-cups for your Keurig machine is hardly restrictive.


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