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Alex Nikitin

Folgers coffee is a medium roast Columbian coffee that is enjoyed by millions of people around the world. These portion packs make it simple to brew the perfect pot of coffee without any guess work. Simply open the pack and pour it into the coffee filter which is then placed in the filter basket and the brew process started. Portion packs have become popular choices for hotels and businesses that want to offer quality coffee to their guests consistently rather than using guess work for each pot. For example, a tablespoon of coffee grounds might sound like something easy to measure. However, unless a precise scoop is used and is leveled off every time a pot of coffee is made the coffee will be slightly different with every pot. This is because people are not all going to measure the same, some will be heavy handed and put more coffee while others will be light handed and not put enough coffee. Portion packs prevent this by delivering the same amount of coffee time after time. Folgers portions packs are available online at top quality coffee websites and come in several varieties of Folgers coffee. There are regular Folgers portions packs, decaffeinated Folgers portion packs, Folgers Columbian portion packs and more.

Many of these websites will send samples of the various offerings when an order is placed. This allows the consumer to try other types without being committed to an entire order. Portion pack coffee should not be confused with single serving coffee brewer units. Portion packs are designed to brew full pots of coffee in traditional automatic drip brewers. Single serve coffee units like pods and K-Cups are designed for specialty single-cup coffee brewers like the Keurig. There are some automatic drip coffee maker pods that are designed for full sized coffee makers that are easily identifiable by their size. Portion pack coffee is the ideal choice for both home and office to take the guess work and mess out of brewing a pot of coffee. The coffee grounds are pre-measured and ready to pour in the filter basket. This eliminates the possibility of spilling the coffee grounds as they are scooped from the container and placed in the filter basket and it assures that the coffee will be the best that Folgers has to offer. Use portion packs for perfect brewing every time.

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