Folgers Filter Coffee Pacs | Folgers Filter Coffee Packs

Jammie McClure

The grounds are packaged into a filter of some kind (the specific form depends on the manufacturer), so all you have to do is drop the whole pack into your coffee maker basket and start brewing. They usually fit in either a traditional drip coffee maker, but also in the pourover styles use in restaurants (Bunn coffee makers). Though you can get filter coffee packs from a few different coffee companies, Folgers filter coffee packs are probably the most popular. The filters are basket-shaped and will fit into most coffee makers, and the grounds are sealed into the bottom of the basket with more filter paper. When your are done brewing, you toss the entire thing without having to handle any wet grounds. You can either throw it all in the garbage, or add it to your compost because the filter paper is bio-degradable. Because they are meant for commercial use, the selection of coffee is pretty limited. They offer a couple of roast blends (their classic roast, and special roast) and a decaf option. When using a Folgers filter pack, you may notice that there seems to be a smaller amount of grounds than you might expect for a 12 cup pot of coffee. That's because they actually flake their grounds so you need less coffee for the same bold taste. As mentioned, filter coffee packs are usually used in restaurants or offices, so they are not usually stocked in regular supermarkets. Whether you are shopping for an office, or even just for some convenience in your own kitchen, you will have to look at food service supply stores to get them. Some office supply places also carry them, and there are also several online outlets that carry filter coffee packs. They are usually sold by the case. Though Folgers is popular, there are other coffees available in filter pack form such as Maxwell House and even Starbucks. The Starbucks packs are considerably more expensive than Folgers.

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