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Alex Nikitin

Making fresh brewed coffee using freshly brewed coffee beans is not limited to coffee shops; individuals can make their own fresh brewed coffee home with a few simple steps. First it is important to find the freshest coffee beans possible. These can be purchased from the local coffee shop or ordered online from any one of the coffee specialty websites. If the beans have to be purchased in the local supermarket it is important to make sure the beans are not cracked and hulled open. Choose beans that are have a uniform shape and color. Storing the coffee beans prior to use is also important. Coffee beans will lose their flavor over time so it is important to only purchase as many beans as will be used in a short period of time. It is better to make frequent purchases than it is to purchase a large amount of beans and have them lose their flavor. There are also specialty storage containers that are made specifically for storing coffee beans in an air tight vacuum container. The next step is purchasing the grinder. The grinder should be able to stand up to the rigors of use that it will be put through, this means determining how often it will be used and purchasing a grinder that matches the amount of grinding it will do. If possible a burr grinder should be purchased to insure the best possible grind with consistency and no scorching. However, a blade grinder can be used if care is taken to make sure the coffee isn’t ground for too long at one time. Multiple short bursts rather than long bursts of the grinder will keep the coffee from scorching.

To make the freshest coffee with freshly ground beans only grind the amount of beans needed for one pot. Pre-grinding coffee beans will cause the flavor to dissipate before the coffee is used. Grinding coffee beans takes very little time and the resulting coffee is worth the few minutes it takes. Lastly, water quality will play a large role in the final coffee product. If the water has chemical contaminants, such as too much fluoride or other city added minerals, it is best to use filtered water or a coffee machine with a filter built into the machine. Another option for water is to use bottled water or a filtered water pitcher that keeps water ready for brewing. Once the coffee brews it is important to empty the coffee filter basket. This keeps remnants of the coffee from continuing to drip into the freshly brewed pot of coffee and causing it to taste bitter over time. Drink the coffee as soon as possible as the flavor of the freshly brewed coffee will break down over a period of time. These simple steps will insure that the freshest pot of coffee possible is brewed using freshly ground coffee beans. Say bye-bye to costly coffee shop coffee and brew it fresh at home every day.

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