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Alex Nikitin

The self-contained unit is an excellent idea for simple, one-handed operation and no possibility of breaking a coffee carafe then searching for a replacement model. Most of the models use standard coffee filters and automatic drip ground coffee. The coffee is kept warm inside the unit through the use of an internal heating element. In consumer tests the coffee stayed warmer in the self-contained unit than it did in traditional coffee carafes that sit on hot plates. The coffee is dispensed using a push button that has to be pushed twice in order to get the coffee flow started. This is most likely a safety feature so that the coffee doesn’t go pouring out into the floor if the button is accidentally pushed. Coffee.org carries the Hamilton Beach single cup coffee pod maker here. Hamilton Beach also carries traditional carafe automatic drip coffee makers that are comparable to other traditional coffee makers. They have a five cup version that is perfect for dorms or people who drink very little coffee as well as a twelve cup version with all the bells and whistles. The twelve cup stainless steel version has these features which rank it with other top coffee makers: Automatic Timer and Automatic Cut Off; Pause and pour to allow users to pour a cup of coffee during the brew cycle; Water filtration system for better tasting coffee; Drip free carafe; Fast brew cycle; Easy view water window with swivel water head for easy filling;Easy to use, reasonable price and easy to clean. Hamilton Beach coffee makers are comparable to other automatic drip coffee makers in the same price range.

There are other coffee makers with more bells and whistles, such as built-in grinders and coffee bean storage. However, for a simple automatic coffee drip coffee machine the Hamilton Beach coffee makers hold their own. The self-contained units such as the Grand Coffee Station move up a notch in terms of features. Being self contained makes it easy to grab a cup of coffee on the way out the door without having to put everything down to pour the coffee. Simply put the travel mug under the spout and double press the dispenser button. Within a minute the coffee is in the mug and out the door. Hamilton Beach continues its history of reliable kitchen products with their line of coffee makers. Consumer reviews place it high in rankings even when compared to some higher priced models. The Hamilton Beach name carries with it a reputation for quality and their coffee makers do not disappoint that heritage.

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