Health Benefits of Green Tea | Benefits Of Green Tea

Alex Nikitin

While the antioxidants are scouring your body for dangerous free radicals, green tea can also help kill illness-causing bacteria. More and more products are now coming on the market with green tea in them to help kill germs and fight disease. It can even help prevent tooth decay when used in toothpaste. There is still no clear picture on whether green tea can kill bacteria once consumed though.

Ok, the caffeine in green tea isn't exactly a healthy component, but because there is less caffeine in green tea than in coffee, it is considered a healthier option for your morning cup. There is about a quarter as much caffeine in a cup of green tea as there is in coffee, and about half when compared to black tea. Really, the health benefits of green tea are pretty wide-spread though not all have been proven with any great certainty. But you really can't go wrong with a good cup of green tea even if it doesn't cure cancer.

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