History of Bunn Coffee | Bunn Coffee Makers

Jammie McClure

The fluted filter may not seem like much, but the new shape and form helped the filter hold its shape better. That meant fewer spilled grounds into the final pot of coffee. Bunn was also the inventor of the pourover coffee brewing machine, more commonly seen in restaurant use rather than at home. The pour over system keeps a pot of water hot, and then pours the entire reservoir of water over the grounds at once rather than let it drip slowly. This method is preferable in a commercial environment because it is much faster, and you can make a large quantity of coffee in just a few minutes. Because the water is kept hot all the time, they use more power than drip brewers, which is another reason they are seldom seen in the home kitchen. This new style of coffee maker is what put Bunn in the forefront of the commercial coffee industry, and they are still holding that spot. Through the history of Bunn coffee, they have always had their focus on the commercial side of the coffee industry, providing quality coffee and espresso machines for retail and industrial use. Bunn does have a line of coffee machines for the home-user that reflects the commercial quality that they are known for. In fact, it was Bunn that first created a drip coffee machine for brewing coffee at home.

Home brewers by Bunn only come in a few models, and their price does reflect their professional quality. One of their latest models is the My Cafe brewer, that takes advantage of the new trend in single-serve brewing that uses coffee pods. Though the company has made its name in the coffee-brewing business, they also manufacture bean grinders, ice tea makers, juicers, coffee dispensers, espresso makers, water filtration units and several styles of paper coffee filters. They have also created new coffee technology such as their SoftHeat and BrewWISE systems, found in their commercial machines. Regardless of whether you are looking for commercial or residential machines, Bunn remains name that stands for high-quality in coffee brewing.

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