History of Coffee

Alex Nikitin

History of Coffeehouses

As the drink itself spread around the world, the institution of the public coffeehouse did as well. The first recorded coffeehouse was in Damascus, and it opened up in 1530. The first European coffeehouse opened for business in 1645, in Italy. Five years later, London had its own coffeehouses. It was actually in a British coffeeshop where the word "tips" was coined as it pertains to extra money paid for good service. A jar was labeled "To Insure Prompt Service".  The coffeehouse became an important part of society in Europe and then in North America. It was the place to come for a casual drink and discuss just about anything with friends or strangers. Many places even became hotspots for business and deal-making.

Today, the casual conversation-oriented coffeehouse still exists though the term "coffee shop" is now also used to describe diners or small restaurants that just serve basic coffee. Starbucks brought the trendy coffeehouse coast-to-coast and they are still quite the powerhouse in the coffee world. Their first outlet opened up in 1971, when they were still just selling beans.

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