Hot Chocolate Recipes

Alex Nikitin

In today' business, hot chocolate pre-made mixes and envelopes make for more time to enjoy cozy snow days with family or afternoon treats with the kids. 

Whether you make your own or choose the pre-made versions, hot chocolate doesn’t have to be "plain-Jane!"  Add some variety to your hot chocolate envelopes with these great ideas:


Holiday-themed marshmallows (think Christmas, Halloween, and even Easter) can add a great finishing touch for any social or family event.  Try colored, sugared sprinkles on top of whipped cream for an added holiday flare. 


If spicy Mexican-style hot chocolate sounds strange to you, then you don’t know what you are missing.  Add a pinch of chili powder and ground cinnamon to your drink.  You won’t believe how well these flavors complement each other!


Adding marshmallows to your hot chocolate isn’t the only way to upgrade this versatile beverage.  Try adding semisweet chocolate chips and/or instant coffee granules for a high-powered upgrade.  For some grown-up fun, add peppermint schnapps, dark rum, Irish whiskey, or Bailey's.

Old World

For some old-world fun add orange zest, cinnamon, and anise seed in small amounts to your basic recipe or pre-mixed hot chocolate.  Do you see the sun setting on the golden horizon of Madrid?  No?  Drink some more!  You can also try substituting the plain white sugar for powdered white sugar for a fluffy variation.

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