How To Use A Tea Infuser | Tea Strainer | tea infuser

Alex Nikitin

In between brews you should be sure to leave a bit of water from each subsequent brew to strengthen the next. Loose tea leaves do not require an infuser or ball, but you can use them. The basic materials required include the tea leaves, water, and the vessel or pot. The most popular method for loose leaf tea brewing in China is to leave the tea leaves in the cup or in the pot without any strainer and enjoy them as is. Another good way to enjoy your tea is to brew it inside of a tall glass so that you are afforded the opportunity to view the color and shape of the infused tea leaf. With time it will settle on the bottom but some of the buds and leaves will float to the surface. You can blow them away before sipping. By the second or third brew, all of the leaves should settle on the bottom.

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