Jamaica me crazy at home | Coffee Recipe

Alex Nikitin

Additionally, these can be made with or without alcohol. In order to make non-alcohol versions, flavored syrups can be used. These syrups mimic the taste of liquors without having the added alcohol content. Friends and family will enjoy these so much they may want the recipe for their own dinner parties. Jamaican Coffee Ingredients: Dark roasted coffee Tia Maria or coffee-vanilla flavored syrup Whip Cream Pour one shot glass-sized serving of Tia Maria or coffee-vanilla flavored syrup into freshly brewed dark coffee and top with whipped cream. Serve piping hot. Home Made Caramel Macchiato This wonderful caramel flavored drink is perfect for those who don't want a sugary dessert. Calories can be reduced by using low fat milk and fat-free whip topping. Espresso can be replaced with instant coffee made extra strong. Ingredients: 3 oz. espresso or equivalent in instant coffee 1 oz. Caramel Syrup, many varieties available on coffee websites 1 Tbsp. Steamed or foamed milk Whipping Cream Caramel Topping In the bottom of a large cappuccino mug or footed coffee mug pour caramel syrup to coat. Pour the espresso or instant coffee over the caramel syrup â€"ldquo; do not stir. Add the freshly steamed or frothed milk and top with whipping cream. Drizzle with caramel topping to decorate.

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