Krups Coffee Makers

Alex Nikitin

Even though it seems you can only brew coffee so many ways, Krups coffee makers continue to redefine the market. What can one expect from a company that has been turning out kitchen appliances and accessories since long before electricity made it into consumer homes. The company makes coffee makers in three broad categories: Krups coffee makers that are automatic drip, combination machines that turn our coffee and espresso and Krups coffee makers that use coffee pods. A testament to their visionary design and commitment to quality, the 1961 ONKO Krups coffee maker is still made today, marketed under the Moka brand.

This Krups brand uses the natural pressure of steam to extract the full flavor of coffee. If you've heard about the precision of German engineering, any of the Krups coffee makers will reassure you that it's true. Like the famed Porsche it shares a homeland with, Krups products are famed for their engineering. Krups coffee makers come in all shapes and sizes, so you are sure to find one that matches your specific needs, whether you plan to use it in the home or office.

The type of Krups coffee maker you choose depends entirely on your own lifestyle and coffee consumption. All are beautifully made and will last a long time with very little care and maintenance. A testament to their quality is the famed Trojan Room coffee pot. Located in the old computer lab at the University of Cambridge, this Krups coffee maker earned its place in history as the subject of the very first Internet web cams. The first video feed of the coffee machine appeared in November 1993. The webcam was finally switched off in 2001 and the pot was auctioned off online. While history was actually being made with the webcam, the video feed had a more practical use, it saved people in other parts of the building a pointless trip to a temporarily empty coffee pot. While your own Krups coffee maker may never make history at this level, it will give you a historical performance in terms of quality, convenience, consistency and flavor.

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