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Alex Nikitin

Refresh Your Spirit

A clean house. A fresh start.  A cool breeze.  You don’t have to start over, as long as you can start again with our refreshing smoothie mix choices.  Whether it' Cruisin Cool ‘s Smoothie Crème, Orange Crème Smoothie, or Lemon Ice Smoothie, you’re going to feel like a new person when you try these exciting flavors.

Soothe  Your Soul

How does a Mocha or a French Vanilla Cappuccino sound right now?  My guess is pretty good, because this low-fat treat is reward for your hard work and day-to-day accomplishments.  Cruisin Cool has thought of everything, and now it' time for you to think of yourself!

Serve our low-fat smoothies frozen or chilled, and enjoy your smoothie break! Whether you are wild for berries, on your way to the tropics, looking to refresh your spirit or soothe your soul, you’re going to love the way Crusin Cool' mixes taste and the way your body feels when you’re not loaded up on fat.

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