Office Coffee | Coffee for the Office

Office Coffee | Coffee for the Office

Alex Nikitin

Coffee Etiquette in the Office

Rules of etiquette keep us from putting our elbows on the table and require us to say "please" and "thank you."  Don’t learn the hard way that there are rules of etiquette for preparing office coffee as well.  Most of them are simply considerate, but others save time and energy.  Here are a few:

  • If there' a line for the coffee, don’t pour your drink and then take the time to put cream and sugar and stir your coffee at the same location.  Take your condiments to another part of the counter or table or even back to your desk so that the line doesn’t back up.
  • When the coffee pot is empty or near-empty, go ahead and make another pot for the next person. Same with getting the last paper cup or the last napkin.  Even if it' beneath your job description to help supply the office coffee table, your gesture will be noticed and appreciated.
  • Pick up your trash and clean up even very small drips or spills.
  • Don’t comment on another person' coffee intake unless that person brings it up.  You don’t know what the other person' night was like last night.  Furthermore, it' none of your business if a pregnant lady should really be drinking regular coffee, mister.
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