Organic Coffee and Tea

Jammie McClure

Learn about Marley Coffee HERE.

Other Ethical Coffee and Teas As mentioned, there are other kinds of ethical products that are similar to "organic", but they each have a different meaning. Fair Trade (or Fairly Traded) coffee or tea means the beans/leaves have been grown on a farm with fair equitable wages and safe working conditions. Shade-grown coffee means that the natural rainforest canopy hasn't been razed to the ground to make room for coffee fields, leaving much of the natural ecosystem in place while the plantaions continue to flourish. This is more commonly seen with coffee rather than tea, though the benefits are the same and shade-grown tea does exist.

Bird-friendly is a bit of a secondary label, that really just means that the beans are both shade-grown and organic. Large swathes of land with no trees can disrupt bird migrations, and the pesticides eliminate bird's food sources. One great thing about both organic tea and coffee is that it's becoming less of a fringe product. As more and more companies (and coffee farmers) get on the organic bandwagon, the prices start to come down. And even in the cases where it does cost more than "standard" coffee or tea, organic offers a higher reward to the buyer because it is better for the environment.

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