Portion Pack and Filter Pack Coffee

Portion Pack and Filter Pack Coffee

Bill McClure

Filter Packs.  


Another variation for making 12-cup pots of coffee are the filter packs. They take the pre-packaging one step further and include a coffee filter in each envelope. Many of them look like large teabags.

These cost a bit more than the standard portion packs, and they are more limited in your choices though. You can find filter packs from Folgers, Maxwell House and Superior Coffee. Still, they can be a good option to consider if you want to keep your coffee-room running smoothly.

12 Cup Coffee Options

12 cup coffee options including buying pre-packaged "portion packs", that have just the right amount of coffee grounds to make one full 10-12 cup pot of coffee. By using portion packs, you save the time and potential mess of having to measure out your grounds with each pot brewed. There also won't be wasted grounds when people use too much coffee unnecessarily.

Not typically used at home, these are fantastic for stocking the office lunchroom. The easier it is to start a new pot, the less likely people will be to ignore the chore. You just need to put a new filter in the machine, and pour out your packet of grounds. It also saves money because there is usually less waste from spillage. They are sold in boxes of 24 or more. You will probably have to order boxes or cases of portion packs from a food service company, or buy them at an office supply store. They are not typically sold at the regular supermarket, though some larger ones may carry them.

Several coffee manufacturers are now offering these 12-cup coffee options, so you can choose your preferred coffee (there are even some flavored ones).



  • -Classic roast
  • -Classic roast in decaf
  • -Gourmet

    Folgers is also now carrying vacuum-sealed portion packs called Vackets, and they come in classic roast (regular and decaf). They work the same as regular portion packs, but they last a lot longer on the shelf.



  • -Breakfast blend
  • -Hazelnut cream
  • -Caffe Midnight



  • -House blend
  • -Caffe Verona
  • -French roast
  • -Sumatra
  • -Breakfast blend

    Seattle's Best and Miss Ellie's also has portion packs with their own regular blends and decaf. Even gourmet Wolfgang Puck has a portion pack with his Chef's Reserve Colombian. You can also get one variety of portion pack from Coffee People, in their popular Donut Shop blend. As more offices are offering better selections to their employees, more coffee sellers are offering their products in portion packs. The days of plain "office coffee" are gone.


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