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Alex Nikitin

Finally, you can add in a good supply of sleeves. As any coffee lover knows, Starbucks supplies of sleeves are essential for keeping your hands from becoming too hot holding a piping cup of coffee. In the old days, customers used to have to take two cups, wasting your Starbucks supplies and costing you money. With the sleeves, customers can just slip the cardboard up on the cup and they are on their way. Another bonus: Your Starbucks supplies of "We proudly brew" sleeves are made of recycled, earth-friendly corrugated paper. These fit both the 12 oz. and 16 oz. cups that are available from authorized sellers of Starbucks supplies.If you’ve ever wanted to offer Starbucks coffees or already do, Starbucks supplies are a great way to come full circle with your marketing and branding efforts. Best of all, these items are top quality, well made and offer your customers convenience and a safe drinking experience.

Starbucks supplies are the perfect addition for vendors who offer customers Starbucks coffees in their place of business. Starbucks supplies include cups, napkins, lids and sleeves.

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