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Preparing Tea

Start with the same clean, clear fresh water you would normally drink.  Increase the boiling point of the water before you allow the oolong and black teas to steep.  Steep times generally range from one to five minutes.  Allow oolong and black teas three to five minutes and yellow and green teas one to three minutes.  Allow the tea to cool just a bit so that the flavors aren’t blocked by water that is too hot.  Add milk, sugar, and lemon to hot tea according to your taste.  It' all a matter of personal preference.  Generally white and green teas are served plain however. 

Health Benefits of Tea

Although scientists have been able to identify the health benefits with which drinking hot tea are associated, they don’t always know why the tea is as good for the body as it is.  We do know that teas are loaded with antioxidants. Antioxidants are chemicals that actually work to reduce the damage free radicals from the oxygen we breathe do to our body' cells.  Flavonoids and polyphenols are the kinds of antioxidants that scientists attribute to tea' ability to fight cancer and cardiovascular-disease.  They may also fight Alzheimer' disease and aid in weight loss.  Scientists believe that antioxidants support our immune systems, prevent cancer, heart disease, and diabetes.  Drinking tea may protect your bones as well. Those who are trying to cut back on caffeine often switch to tea as a yummy substitute.  Teas also aid in helping a person feel sleepy.  Psychologically speaking, tea just makes us feel good inside. 

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