The Keurig Mini | Keurig Mini Brewer

Jammie McClure

Like the other Keurig models, the Keurig mini produces one cup of coffee at a time using a coffee-filled unit known as a K-cup; however, in the case of the mini, the K-cup is also a miniature version and must be ordered specifically for the mini machine. Gourmet coffee shops and online coffee specialty sites that carry Keurig supplies will usually have a large variety of the mini-K-cups to choose from. The Keurig mini brewer makes one 8 oz. cup of coffee at a time and does not have a reservoir for holding extra water. This is part of the size reduction that makes it easy to travel with and easy to store. The coffee brews in under a minute with three minutes total from powering on to drinking the coffee. The mini brewer is UL and c-UL rated for both home and commercial use. At a mere 7 lbs. this coffee maker can be packed and carried anywhere to have a perfect cup of coffee anytime.

The Keurig mini is an extension of the Keurig model and will appeal to people who like the single-serve brewers but might not have had room in their kitchens or dorms for storing the machine. It is one of many different types of single-serve models that have changed the way people brew coffee. With the mini-brewer there is no wasted coffee and the savings are easy to see when coffee isn't being poured down the drain. The savings is also easy to see when the daily trips to the local coffee shop are stopped. Six dollars or more daily for a latte can easily add up to a small fortune. When a single serve brewer is used this money is available for more important things and the machine and supplies practically pay for themselves in a short period of time.

Keurig minis are available in many retail shops and online at coffee websites. These sites also carry a variety of K-cups and offer discounts for becoming a coffee club member or loyalty points for purchases that can then be used towards coffee purchases. All of the Keurig models are single serve brewers that provide an instant cup of coffee. The Keurig mini is a compact version that only holds enough water for one cup of coffee and brews one cup of coffee. This model is perfect for the individual office, travelling, college dorms or anywhere else that space is an issue. The same warranty and reputation that come with other Keurig models come with the Keurig mini.

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