The History of the Melitta Coffee Maker

Jammie McClure

Melitta Bentz is the German housewife who invented the coffee filter in 1908 using a copper pot which she poked holes in and her sons blotting paper from his school bag. She placed the blotting paper on the copper pot bottom and filtered the coffee through it to remove the grinds. Thus the first coffee filters were made. Melitta was granted a patent and the Melitta Company was born. Melittas main group is based in Germany, the Melitta Group of Minden. However, they have U.S. headquarters in Florida along with a roaster in New Jersey. Over the years they have become famous for their r coffee filters, fresh roasted coffee beans and coffee makers. Melitta is most famous for its gourmet coffee beans with are available online through coffee specialty shops in both ground and whole bean versions. Melittas coffee bean selections include the Kona blend which comes from Hawaii and a 100% Colombian coffee that is deep and rich. They are also known for their hazelnut coffee beans which are a flavorful sensation with the lingering hint of hazelnut. Melittas ground coffee selections include premium coffees, dessert coffees, organic and fair trade coffee selections for the true coffee aficionado.

Out of the coffee bean and ground coffee service Melitta offered grew their desire to have a coffee maker bear the Melitta name and so the Melitta coffee maker line was designed. Melittas coffee makers range from coffee kettles to single serve coffee makers which use coffee pods to make the perfect cup of coffee. Melitta offers 12-cup coffee makers with thermal carafes and small five cup models that are ideal for apartments and dorms. Melitta also offers non-electric coffee makers that work simply by pouring hot water through the top of the pot which is a coffee filter basket. The basket allows the coffee to drip through to the waiting pot below. There are glass models and thermal models. The thermal model keeps the coffee warm longer and is portable as well. Manual models are also available in one cup travel versions that can be carried in a suitcase or backpack easily.

Melitta carried the tradition of providing an excellent coffee product from the early German days of Mrs. Bentz through to the modern company that bears her name and continues to provide excellent products and value to coffee connoisseurs around the world. Coffee filters were simply the beginning of a long line of products that bear her name and offer top quality coffee products to people around the world.

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