Tips on Brewing the Best Coffee

Jammie McClure

Tips on brewing the best coffee can be found on's website, coffee forums and passed down through family members to other coffee drinkers. These tips are helpful and can be used to improve the quality of the coffee brewed. Water quality, coffee quality and brewing processes are among the most often relayed tips on brewing the best coffee.

Tips on brewing the best coffee are handed down from one family member to another much like handing down grandma's recipes. Coffee drinkers share their coffee brewing tricks with each other in order to help the coffee community brew the very best cup of java. There are community forums on the Internet where coffee lovers share with each other their coffee brewing tips. Included here are some of those tips for brewing top quality, aromatic and tasty coffee every day. The first and most important tip for brewing the best coffee is to make sure the coffee used is as fresh as it possibly can be. Coffee beans that are ground just prior to brewing the coffee are the best choice but when this is not possible there are top quality pre-ground coffee that comes in vacuum packed container to maintain freshness. Regardless of whether coffee beans or pre-ground coffee is used it is important that the freshness is considered.

p>Water quality is another important consideration that many people overlook or don't realize is important. Contaminants or additives like fluoride that are often found in city water can alter the taste of the coffee. Filtered water is a much better choice for making coffee and allowing the true coffee flavors to come through. There are coffee makers that can be purchased with water filters built-in, filtration systems that fit on water faucets or bottled water that can be used in order to insure the coffee is fresh.

Another important tip for brewing the best coffee is the ratio of coffee to water. Personal taste plays a large part in the ratio of coffee to water that is used, some people prefer a stronger coffee and they will used more coffee than those who like a weaker coffee. The average measurement is one tablespoon of coffee for every eight ounces of water and adjust based on preferences. The roast and type of coffee will also play a role in the amount of coffee used. If a dark roasted coffee is used, the adjustment for a stronger coffee may not be needed since the coffee is roasted to be a stronger coffee. If the coffee is brewed using an automatic drip coffee maker the coffee filter basket should be removed as soon after the brewing process as possible to prevent the coffee from continuing to drip into the coffee pot and over time causing the coffee to become bitter.

The type of brewer is used also plays a large role in how the coffee tastes. Many coffee drinkers believe that the French press is the best method of coffee brewing because the essential oils in the coffee beans are not trapped by a coffee filter, they are infused into the water as the coffee steeps, creating coffee that has more of the natural coffee flavor than other brewing methods.

Tips on brewing the best coffee include many more than are listed here. Coffee forums and coffee websites offer many tips from coffee drinkers and coffee specialists. Some tips may sound odd but do work, like adding a dash of salt if the coffee is bitter or storing coffee beans in the refrigerator to keep them fresh. Over time, coffee drinkers find their own tricks of the trade that they can add to the list and help others brew the best coffee possible.

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