Top 10 Home Coffee Makers

Jammie McClure

1. Keurig The first on our list is one of the leading manufacturers of the new type of single-serve coffee makers that uses specially designed pods instead of loose grounds. With a Keurig machine, you have to buy their K-cups to make coffee but you can get cups for coffee as well as tea and hot chocolate. That makes the Keurig a very versatile machine for the kitchen.

2. Krups makes a whole range of kitchen equipment, but they definitely stand out as the manufacturer of the top 10 coffee makers. Their line of coffee machines range from basic drip machines, to the more sophisticated models that make espresso and even grind your beans for you. The new Dolce Gusto takes pods for faster single-serve brewing.

3. Melitta's line of coffee makers includes several traditional drip machines, and some inexpensive non-electric models that you just pour hot water through. Their One:One coffee maker is their contribution to the coffee pod trend, and it takes the generic style of coffee pods. Their machines are fairly basic without the bells and whistles that some other companies offer.

4. Cuisinart A very familiar name in kitchen equipment, Cuisinart has several models of coffee maker for both the introductory (budget) coffee-drinker, and the more advanced barista. Most of their machines are automatic drip machines, but they also specialize in grinding combo machines that grind your beans as well as brew your coffee. They also carry a few models of pump espresso makers.

5. Delonghi is a very well-known name in high-end coffee equipment, and their line includes nearly any machine you could need. Their machines are typically have plenty of extra features, such as digital controls and programming capabilities. Delonghi even has several models that make espresso as well as drip coffee, as well as stand-alone espresso machines. Add in grinders and tea kettles, and that's a pretty full compliment of options.

6. Braun Like Cuisinart, Braun is known for many different pieces of kitchen equipment like food processors and juicers. But they also have several excellent coffee makers. Braun doesn't have as many models as some of the other top 10 coffee makers, with just two lines (CafeHouse and Classic) but they are practical coffee makers for anyone.

7. Mr. Coffee Quite possibly the best known of them all, and they have a varied line of machines for coffee, tea, and espresso. Their drip machines range from little 4-cup models up to the larger 12-cup styles. Some are simple with just an on/off switch, and some offer a whole panel of digital controls and timers. Mr. Coffee also makes both steam and pump espresso machines, and even an iced tea machine.

8. Senseo was one of the first pod machines available on the market, and that's is their only style of machine. They take simple little mesh coffee pods, and will brew one cup at a time. The Senseo only comes in a couple of models, but it's simple use makes it a great option for a single-serve coffee maker. They take generic style pods, giving you lots of coffee options.

9. Hamilton Beach One of the top 10 coffee maker companies is Hamilton Beach, with several drip coffee makers in their lineup. They have basic machines, and the Stay or Go line brews coffee directly into a thermal mug for transport. You can also get good quality coffee grinders from Hamilton Beach, and a few models of espresso/cappuccino machines.

10. Bodum Bodum is a bit different, but really couldn't be left out. They specialize in non-electric coffee makers, such as French presses and vacuum coffee pots. Bodum presses and pots are very high-quality and come in wide variety of looks and style. Bodum also makes milk frothers, travel mugs and coffee bean grinders.

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