Top Coffee Pod Brewers

Top Coffee Pod Brewers

Jammie McClure

Bunn My Cafe Bunn makes a number of coffee makers, but their only coffee pod brewer is the My Cafe, and it takes the generic type of gauze coffee pods. You can use the My Cafe to make either tea or coffee, and there are controls to adjust for either drink. There are separate pod holders so you don't get coffee-flavored tea after you've brewed. Melitta One:One In the Melitta line of coffee makers, they have one model that takes coffee pods: the Melitta One:One coffee maker. Most people just refer to it as the Melitta One. These machines use the same type of pod as the Senseo, the HomeCafe and the My Cafe so you will have access to many types of coffee. No special features, just basic coffee brewing and sleek modern design.

The Senseo is one of the best known models of coffee pod brewer, one of the simplest to use. It takes basic pods that look a lot like round teabags. They were originally made exclusively by Senseo, but now many other companies make the pods and other machines can use them too. The latest model is the Senseo Quadrante, and their Latte Select model has a reservoir for milk to let you make lattes and cappuccinos. The Senseo is a very good machine for coffee-drinkers who prefer an easy-to-use option without too many extra features.

Krups Home Cafe Out of the huge line of Krups machines, the Home Cafe is their one coffee pod option. Like the others mentioned, you can use the same type of coffee pod without being limited to one specific line of pods. The Home Cafe lets you brew 2 cups at a time (using 2 pods), but the pressure is a bit lower than some other models which will mean hardly any crema or foam on your coffee. You can tailor the brewing to fill several different sizes of cups.

Tassimo With the Tassimo, we're moving to the more specialized machines that only accept their own kinds of pods. In the case of the Tassimo coffee pod brewer, it only uses T-discs. The discs do come in a huge variety of coffee, tea and hot chocolate. They even carry Starbucks. The unique twist is that each disc has a bar code that is read by the machine. It adjusts all the necessary settings to suit the drink you are making, leaving you with the easy task of just hitting the start button. It's really quite sophisticated. Keurig Keurig has several different models in its lineup, and they all take the exclusive K-cup type of coffee pod.

Most machines have the same basic features, but the larger ones hold more water in their reservoirs for less frequent re-filling and some can even make iced drinks. K-cups are available in many varieties, including coffee from Green Mountain, Emeril and Timothy's. The controls are simple, and you can adjust the brewing for 2 cup sizes. Nespresso Like Keurig, the Nespresso line has several machines that all take pods (called capsules, in this case). The only draw-back to the Nespresso system is that you can only use their capsules and their selection is far more limited than either the Tassimo or the Keurig. They have 16 varieties, including some decaf choices.

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