Unusual Uses for Coffee

Alex Nikitin

Uses for Actual Coffee

If you do happen to have some spare coffee sitting around that nobody wants to drink, there are a few more unusual uses for coffee you could try.  Brunette hair will get a color boost with a rinse of cold coffee, about 3 to 4 cups of it (more if you have longer hair). Just pour through your hair after washing for added shine and deepen your color. It may even darken up blonde hair. Just make sure to rinse again afterwards or you could have coffee stains on your towels.  Crafters can use a little leftover coffee (or tea) to age paper or fabric. Careful, it does stain so you should do a little testing before you drench your project in old coffee.  A less unusual use for coffee is to make coffee ice cubes. Use them in your iced coffees later, and they won't water down your drinks like regular ice cubes do.

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