Using a French Press | French Press | Tea Press

Alex Nikitin

Boil enough water to fill the press about four fifths full.  Your press is unlikely to be microwave safe, so you will probably be boiling the water in a separate container.  Pour about two heaping scoops of ground coffee into the press container per cup of coffee.  Pour hot water over the ground beans and give the mixture a quick stir.  Leave the press to sit for three to five minutes.  The longer it sits the stronger your coffee will be. Plunge the strainer down to separate the grounds from the water.  Do this slowly so that the coffee doesn't slosh out and so that the grounds don't seep back into the water. Pour directly into your favorite coffee mug.  Add cream and sugar according to your tastes, and enjoy!

Excellent taste isn't the only reason you are going to love the French press.  It travels very well and doesn't require electricity to operate. Picky coffee drinkers love traveling with their coffee presses so that they'll never have to settle for substandard coffee while away from home.  The press is also popular among campers and overseas travelers.  We enjoy our French coffee press at home and at the office just because of the robust, delicious, convenient coffee we get from it.

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