What Are The Best Brands | Creamer for Tea

Alex Nikitin

No matter the tea creamer brand or flavor that you use, you can enjoy the same health benefits of the tea you consume with the nice flavors of the creamer. There are also compounds in green tea typically referred to as flavonoids which have been shown to alter how your body uses the hormone norepinephrine, responsible for increasing the rate at which your body burn calories.

Many people wonder about loose tea versus tea bags and in all honesty, the health benefits for those are nearly the same but loose leaves have more antioxidants than standard tea bags because tea bags often have powdered leaves which are either older or of a lower quality. When you compare black tea and green tea, they amount to the same health properties. The consumption of both offers more antioxidants than a single serving of carrots, spinach, or broccoli. Decaffeinated tea uses a natural process which helps to prevent cancer the same as regular tea. White tea, however, has more cancer fighting qualities than green tea.

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