What is An Air Pot | Coffee Air Pots | Thermal Air Pots

Alex Nikitin

Because of their superior heat retention and portability, air pots are popular for any number of places, including coffee shops, restaurants, hotel lobbies, meeting areas, waiting rooms and break rooms.The unique design makes them easy to use and maintain. When the pot needs cleaning, a long handled brush and some soap and water will do the trick. Be sure you wash out the pump as well since residual coffee left there can make even the freshest coffee in the air pot taste bitter and flat in the coffee cup.The only thing you don’t want to do is drop the pot. They are a bit fragile and dropping them a time or two can break them.If you’re looking for a solution that will keep your coffee piping hot for hours on end with minimal fuss and mess, an air pot will do nicely.

The air pot is a great way to transport coffee safely and conveniently while keeping the coffee inside the air pot warm and fresh for hours on end.

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