What is The Best Single Serve Option | Single Serve Coffee

Alex Nikitin

Single vs. Double

No longer do two cups of coffee mean twice the effort.  Nor will one cup of coffee become cold while you start the second cup.  Finally, two people can enjoy their coffee at the same time.

Simple and elegant vs. Savvy and Sophisticated

Look for new features such as large water reservoirs and energy saving modes.  Pod bins and drip trays make clean up easy.  Programmable features allow the user to make hot water for cappuccino, cocoa and soups.  A high-altitude unit is also available.  Many units are ready to use right out of the box.  Most importantly, you’ll love the great coffee that your new machine produces.

Once you’ve selected your machine, you can enjoy the rich variety of the coffee pods themselves.  Variety packs can be purchased anywhere from 16 to 108 pods per box, and roasting styles include medium, bold, and flavored.  Try a tea pod for an exciting twist to your day!  It' important to know that there' a coffee pod brewer to meet your needs, and you won’t be disappointed!

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