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Buying instant coffee is a little simpler than buying standard coffee grounds, because there aren't as many varieties and choices out there. People do still prefer to brew their coffee but having some instant on hand can be practical for those times when you just can't use your usual coffee maker. Just add hot water, and you have coffee in seconds without any machines. Definitely worth having in the pantry.The usual way of buying instant coffee is a jar of dried coffee crystals. The crystals are just liquid coffee with the water drawn out, so it's still "real" coffee. Add a tablespoon or so to boiling water, and stir. Folgers and Taster's Choice are two of the biggest brands in instant coffee there are many companies that make good instant coffee. Nescafe and Maxwell House are two other popular brands that carry instant coffee granules.

One of the latest innovations has come from the popular single-serve packets of drink mix for bottled water. Using the same idea, you can now get instant coffee "sticks". Slim little packets of instant coffee, already measured to be used for one cup of coffee. Perfect for coffee portability. You can even buy instant coffee this way from Starbucks, they carry it in Italian Roast and Colombian. Though you are probably the most familiar with these types of coffee crystals, it's not the only way to buy instant coffee. There are some new products out that take a different approach. Java Juice is one such product. Their instant coffee is a liquid concentrate, packaged in little foil packets. You use them to make coffee in the same way as the crystals. Just empty a pouch into a cup of hot water, and you're done. Being liquid, it does dissolve a little quicker though even the crystals melt almost instantly. 

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Miss Ellie' 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

We want you to be 100% fully and completely satisfied when you do business with us. If you are a first-time customer, or a loyal long-time customer, you may order from us with confidence.

Miss Ellie' guarantee covers two types of products:

Guarantee for beverages, break room supplies and accessories:

If you are not 100% fully and completely satisfied with your purchase of any of our beverages, supplies or accessories simply return the item to us within 30 days of purchase.

Miss Ellie' will promptly replace that item for you, or refund your full purchase price – your choice.  No Questions asked.

Guarantee for machines, beverage equipment and related parts:

Beverage equipment and parts – both home and commercial – are guaranteed and warranted by the manufacturer.

Call us and we will secure the return authorization for you and assist in getting the product replaced or we will refund your money.  Some of our equipment manufactures required a restocking fee or 20% of the purchase price.

Returns and Exchanges: 

If for any reason you need to return or exchange an item, call 1-800-344-2739 and get a return authorization number.

The returned merchandise must be in saleable condition with manufactures original packing.  Please send your package to us via insured and prepaid UPS or US Mail.  The shipping fee is not refundable.  Some of the machines may carry a small restocking fee.  Miss Ellie' intent is for you to be satisfied and a long-term customer.  Miss Ellie' will do our very best to make you a happy customer.   

Send returns to: 

Miss Ellie', Inc.
Customer Service
5705 Steephill Road
Fort Smith, AR  72916.

We will handle your return by either promptly exchanging the item or issuing a credit or refund. We accept returns up to 30 days of your receipt. Exceptions are damaged and defective items.  

Shipping Damage: If a package arrives and is damaged, please e-mail us or call our customer service department. Claims against a common carrier must be made by us. Save all packaging for any claims

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Who is Miss Ellie 0

For Miss Ellie, coffee is the perfect way to pursue one of her several passions.  When her father, Bill McClure, wanted her to be part of the family gourmet coffee business,, Ellie said, "Sure, but I want to do it the right way, a way where the benefits get spread around.  Oh, and may I have my own line of coffee?"  Now with her own line of coffee, Miss Ellie knew how important it would be to personally pick the blends that would represent her. Working closely with an amazing roaster, Ellie carefully chose the blends she wanted for her coffee line. She traveled all over the world to find the perfect flavors for you.

Miss Ellie' says "Our purpose is to make a smile with every sip".  The coffees I choose for Miss Ellie' will definitely make you smile. Our vision is to put a ‘Real Cup’ in every home.

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What is Aged Coffee 0

Aged coffee does not refer to the pot of coffee that has been sitting on the warming plate for nine hours. Aged coffee is actually quite a unique and sought-after type of coffee that has been left to age over several years. It's similar to the idea of letting wine improve over time, except in this case it's the beans that are aged rather than the actual brewed coffee.

It may not seem that significant that whole green beans have been slowly aging in a warehouse before you brew your coffee, but aged coffee packs a flavor punch you won't be expecting.  There is no single flavor or taste feature that stands out with aged coffee, because it greatly depends on what variety of coffee is being aged in the first place. Generally, it becomes deeper and more mellow over time so that there is no bright tones or acid taste. Flavors associated with aged coffee are described as woodsy, caramel, spice, fruity and chocolate.

To really bring out the taste of an aged coffee, you should have it roasted fairly darkly. If you roast them too lightly, you will miss out on many of the unique tastes that remain in the bean.  Most aged coffee have been housed for 2 or 3 years, and for all its great qualities, very few coffee farms or sellers offer it. Even though it becomes quite a bit more expensive when aged, most companies don't want to deal with the cost of storing such a hot commodity as coffee beans. So aged coffee is definitely not something you're going to find on a typical grocery store shelf.  True aged coffee isn't just some beans that were forgotten at the back of a warehouse floor. The beans have to be kept in proper containers, usually large steel bins, and rotated regularly to keep the air circulation going. But they must also simultaneously be kept humid so the beans don't dry out. It's a tricky balancing act.  You will have to find a quality gourmet coffee seller if you want aged coffee, and even then it can be hard to find. Places that specialize in Indonesian or Sumatran coffees are a little more likely to carry aged coffee, as the practice of producing it is more common in these regions.  Even after you've roasted your aged beans, it's a good idea to let them "rest" for a few days before brewing to get the best possible flavor.

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